Get Started

The beauty of the Nature’s Float session is its simplicity. You do not need to prepare in any way before coming for your float. Just show up, let go and float away.


  • Avoid caffeine for at least 4 hours before floating, and avoid heavy food for at least an hour before floating for the most relaxing experience.

  • Females with pregnancy within the second and third trimesters are encouraged to float. Anytime after, we ask that you receive medical clearance.

  • Try to avoid shaving on the day of your float session. Because the water has a high salt content, some people find it irritating to freshly shaved skin. If you wish to avoid this we do provide some vasaline to cover up recently shaved areas. 

  • Floating under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted.

  • Females experiencing their menstrual cycle the day of their float MUST reschedule their appointments—thank you!

Each float room is private so there is no need for a bathing suit. Wearing a suit detracts from the effects of reducing sensory stimulation. If you wear contact lenses, we suggest you bring a case or just wear glasses.

Most people don’t as the bathing suit prevents the full experience. However, if you would feel more comfortable in a bathing suit you are more than welcome and will still experience an extremely relaxing float.


  • Please shower before entering the tank.

  • We provide standard disposable ear plugs; if you have sensitive ears or any inner ear condition that may be irritated by water, please bring your own ear plugs.

  • The lights inside our floatation tanks are fully adjustable: the interior light can be turned on for beginners or for those who don’t enjoy being in the dark. Almost all users, however, float with the light off.

  • Comfort in the float room can be accomplished with two different positions: With your arms at your side, palms down. With your arms over-head, palms up. Try not to generate any momentum from either side so that you remain in the middle, and avoid the distraction of bumping into the side. Once you like your position and feel comfortable try to remain still and consciously relax all of your muscles.

  • Don’t “try” to do anything in the float room. You don’t need to force something to happen and you shouldn’t expect something to happen. You may fall asleep or you may find yourself in a deep dreamlike state. Just be present with whatever arises. Repetition of a focus word such as “peace”, “relax”, or “let go” spoken in your mind in unison with your exhalation can help at first. Most importantly, just let go of conscious control.

  • Refrain from touching your face while in the Float Pod to avoid getting salt into your eyes.

  • Initially, pain or tension in the body may seem more noticeable. This is due to the float’s ability to eliminate the typical distractions we face. Simply breathe and know that this is normal. As the session progresses, sensations will dissipate.

The more relaxed and calm you allow yourself to be, the better your float experience. Let go of everything going on in your life and prepare to float away. While you may not know what to expect, trust that you are safe and protected in the float room.

Don’t worry, if you doze off and miss your queue to exit, we will let you know the session has ended via your Float Pod’s intercom!


At the end of the float, the main float room light will go back on. Carefully step back into the shower and turn on the lights again, using the dimmer on the wall. Rinse your body and shampoo/condition your hair. Be sure to rinse out your ears thoroughly.

After exiting the room, you can expect to feel lighter and relaxed, with a mind that seems noticeable less cluttered. You will exit with a heightened sense of awareness and what is described as “laser focus”.

Flotation is a serious therapy; drink plenty of water after your session!

Flotation’s benefits carry into the days following your session. Take note of how you feel in the next few days. Did you sleep better? How are your pain levels? Do you notice a lighter, more carefree mood? When we feel better, life feels better, too. A commitment to float on a regular basis is encouraged: each session builds on the last ones! We hope you’ll consider returning time and time again to experience Nature’s Floatation.