Sensory Deprivation Floatation Spa

The deepest rest and the most surreal experience our human senses can have.

Nature’s Floatation Therapy is a zero gravity environment that allows your mind and body to truly rest. You will float in our special solution of saline water that contains more than 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. Think floating in the Dead Sea, except it’s only a drive (or a walk) away!

Your body will be supported by the buoyancy of the water, adjusted to your body temperature. The buoyancy from our Epsom salt makes floating on water feel like floating on air. Your entire experience will be free from any external stimuli: no strain, tension, light, sound, and gravity. The benefits of floating are physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Studies performed in the United States and Sweden indicate that flotation therapy delivers wide-ranging benefits including significant reductions in not only stress, but also chronic pain, swelling, headaches, depression and insomnia, all while lowering blood pressure and improving skin. Floating is used to cure depression, ADHD, and athletic injuries. Experience pure bliss and relaxation by booking your first float with us today.